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Offiical 2016 Festival Program

Wednesday June 15th



Panofsky’s Complaint

Dir. Peter Mackie   USA/ 10 mins

A doorman for a luxury apartment building faces police interrogation after he snaps on the subway during a confrontation with a wealthy couple.


Caitlin Among the Beasts

Dir. Adam Bertocci   USA/ 11 mins

Finding grace and other things that get away.



Dir. Michelle Botticelli  USA/ 12 mins

One woman’s obsession for her ex leads her best friend on an eye opening journey of her own.


Killing the Coat

Dir. Aaron Stoller  USA/ 4 mins

After a cold and punishing winter, a man murders his coat.


We are All Going to Die

Dir. Bill Scurry   USA/ 14 mins

A blackout hits a TV viewing party.



The Visit

Dir. Shane Andries   USA/ 11 mins

A ‘brown’ man with a beard finds himself caught in a dilemma when two men show up as his house looking for answers.



Dir. Marc Pannia  Canada/ 4 mins

In the blink of an eye, Sam circles back to memories as his relationship falls apart.


Other People’s People

Dir. James Fauvell  USA/17 mins

An ensemble comedy about intersecting and competing loves, lies and indiscretions of three Brooklyn couples.


Getting Old

Dir.  Nathan Honnold  USA/ 2 mins

An Atlanta couple provides an intimate window into their daily life and quirky experiences.


Traveling Shoes

Dir. Travis Satten   USA/ 8 mins

He’s doing the lord’s work, one body at a time.



Dir. Michael Nader  USA/Mexico/ 13 mins

A pair of American drug dealers stumble into a deadly trap when they meet with the agent of a major drug cartel to secure a shipment of cocaine.



Thursday June 16th






Dir. Ariana Delawari  USA / 10 mins

A haunting experimental, docu-musical about global warming and changing the dream as a woman is guided by a dream therapist onto a shamanic journey as she works to shift her dream to a vision of love.   


Out of the Village

Dir. Jonathan Stein   West Africa/ 17mins

A brother and his sister seek closure after Ebola ravages their West African village.


The Push

Dir. Will Joines  USA/ 9 mins

After witnessing a random act of violence on the New York subway, a young woman’s daily commute becomes a minefield of dark anxieties both real and imagined.


The Timmy Brother’s – Water Makers

Dir. Paul Riccio  USA/ 5 mins

Mockumentary takes aim at the artisanal food movement, wha the Mast Brothers are to chocolate, the Timmy Brothers are to bespoke water.


Greener Grass

Dir. Paul Briganti   USA/ 15 mins

A dark comedy of manners set in a surreal ad meticulous world.


Dime Crimes #34

Dir. Ed Hellman   USA/ 18 mins

A homebody with a stash of pulp fiction sees a gun hidden in the waistband of her charming new tenant.



Dir. Reuben Hernandez  Antarctica/USA 2 mins

One second a day during the two month journey from New York to Antarctica.



Dir. Brett Marty   USA/ 17 mins

Growing old in a world of perpetual youth.



Dir. Justin Ivan Hong   Singpapore/ 3 mins

Through an unfortunate incident, simple technology unites two people from different generations.


Our Broken Heart

Dir. Niclas Larsson   Sweden/ 11 mins

A story about a broken heart.


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