June 14th

Laboratory Conditions
Dir. by Jocelyn Stamat
(16m, U S A)

A physician investigating a missing body disrupts an unlawful experiment.
Dir. by Anthony Florez
(7m, U S A)

A look into Contemporary Native American lifestyle as through seen through the eyes of a single mother and her children on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation of Northern Nevada.
Elani survived her brutal childhood by carefully watching people. Now she plans to use her relationship with Mikey to get out of Cape Town for good. All she has to do is manage his ego for one more night, but the seeds of violence were planted in her early on.
Dir. by Gabriela Cavanagh
(8m, Cuba, U S A)

By the train tracks in Old Havana, an aphrodisiac juice brews. 87-year-old Manuel, product proprietor and love curer, is satiated with bittersweet relationships that have shaped his life. Unaware of the irony, he tells us his story.
Dir. by Braden Friedman
(10m, U S A)

After following her ex with another woman, Julianne shows up at his apartment to try and put their relationship back together, but after a series of self-induced injuries, Julianne is on the cusp of emotional and physical exhaustion.
Brooklyn In July
Dir. by Bob Celli
(21m, U S A)

BROOKLYN IN JULY is the story of Frank Walker, an African-American WWII veteran working as a chauffeur. He struggles to keep his emotions in check as he strives for freedom and equality in a slowly evolving world. He is scarred by a past that is lurking skin deep.

© 2018 by Brooklyn Short Film Festival.